There are 12 cabins which sleep a total of 92 people. Cabins have bunk beds, sheets provided but students must bring their own pillows and bedding. They do not have cooking facilities or indoor plumbing, but a central washroom is just a short distance away with toilets and showers. Meals are provided in the central hall.

There is a large playing field for campers, no hook-ups. The central washroom is available and there is an outdoor toilet for your convenience. The nearest sani- dump is Quesnel or Williams Lake.

Students wishing to tent have more options- check with the Fiddle Treat committee to be sure you are not blocking access or interfering with the smooth functioning of the camp.

The laundry room is for kitchen and camp staff only.

CABIN FEES- $60 per person for the duration of the camp, generally 6 days.

TENTS, CAMPERS, MOTORHOMES- for those not registered as students, the fee is $10 per person per day. Children 5 and under free.

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