Yeah, yeah - we know ... you want to come here and do nothing but eat, sleep & fiddle! Right? Well, we understand that. However ... the instructors need a little time off to preserve their own sanity!
So ... what are you going to do, while your instructors refuse to instruct?
Bring a rowboat or a canoe ... or, at least, make friends with someone who did bring one! (Don't forget the lifejackets.) Gavin Lake is terrific for paddling ... and there's even a beaver damn that you can portage around.
While you're out on the water (which is stocked with rainbow trout), you might want to try your hand at fishing ... or, at least, "flogging the water". (You fishermen know what I mean. Heh, heh.)
There's lots of room to throw things (except tantrums). Bring a Frisbee, a softball & glove, a football, badminton rackets & bird ... or even a croquet set. (Um ... obviously, this last is not for throwing. *grin*)
Hmm, let's see ... we're on a lake ... there's lots of water and a beach ... HEY!!! We can go swimming! Or just lying on the beach, catchin' some rays. (Bring some sunscreen ... and be sure you keep those fiddles out of the hot sun!)
There will be Lifeguards on duty at the swimming area.
One thing everyone seems to comment on is the friends they've made at the Fiddle 'Treat. So, if there's a break in the action, why not grab a pen & paper and get that address & 'phone number written down?! Fiddle friends are forever!!!
In fact, a great place to solidify those new friendships is around the firepit. (Remember to bring weenies & 'mallows!)
Do you like to play 'Cribbage'? How about 'Go Fish'? Look, if you bring the cards, you're bound to find another player or two. (I'm thinking, right now, of a couple of insatiable Crib players. But I can't mention their names - you'll just have to find them! Heh, heh, heh.)
And, if - in spite of all this - you simply have to fiddle ... well, rest assured, you can usually find at least one jam session going on, somewhere, whenever classes are out! And, each evening, there is an organised group activity like the Evening Concert or the Family Dance.

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