This year, the BC Fiddle 'Treat will, once again, be held on the shores of beautiful Gavin Lake. Don't be surprised, if you don't know just where Gavin Lake is ... this is not a "high-traffic" area. But, if you take a look at the photo', below, you'll see that the instruction is not the only reason to come!

Photo' of Gavin Lake, BC

"Okay ... so it is a beautiful spot", you say, "but where?!"
Well, you get to Gavin Lake by turning north-east, off BC Highway #97, onto the Likely Highway, at 150 Mile House ...or turn east, onto the Beaver Valley Rd., at McLeese Lake.
Yes, a map would be a pretty good idea, right about here ...

Location map for Gavin Lake, BC

Now you could print this map or you could request one upon registration.

Another way to find the workshop, of course, is to simply follow the people with the biggest smiles - they're probably on their way there!

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